Advent Headspace – Finding love that soothes fear and fluster

If fear is snapping hard around your heels at the moment, or you would just like a moment to pause, gather your thoughts and rest in the Love that soothes our weary minds, please join me and the friends of The Mind and Soul Foundation for ten minutes of gentle reflection and prayer.

Sometimes, just slowing down, sitting in the quiet of God’s presence and love with an openness of heart can help calm our souls and give us what we need to be more present to the people in our lives,. We become less distracted and ground down by our worries and pre-occupations. This is why even simple and short practices of stillness and contemplation, done regularly over time, can be so transformative: we are slowly making space for Love to be the centre from which we live, day by day. There are, of course, other concrete things we might also need – practical support and care from others, encouragement from a friend, freedom from casual forms of denigration or bullying and so on.  However, this ability to sit in the quiet, in the presence of Love, it is a deep and healing experience and part of that bigger picture of our wellbeing and wholeness.

Perhaps in the waiting of Advent there is an invitation to find the space for Christ be born anew in each one of us, not just for us but for the good of the world? My prayer is that these Advent reflections might be an opportunity to find that kind of spacious moment. Come along and join us, and please share with anyone you think might enjoy them.


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