Advent Headspace – finding calm in the heartache

So, here we are the sunday before Christmas and the Sunday after Boris Johnson’s latest announcement. How are you doing? For so many of us Christmas plans have had to suddenly change or even be cancelled in all sorts of ways, and at such short notice. This may be causing real heartache and pain at the end of what has already been such a difficult year. If you are feeling horribly sad or angry or anxious, may I take a moment to offer my love and solidarity, this is such a challenging moment.

But whilst we cannot change the restrictions or circumstances, we can offer ourselves and others a bit of compassion and kindness. Let’s take a moment or two to both acknowledge the sorrow but also hang on the fact that Love can still be here in the mix of it all – that the Christmas story promises the loving presence of God right with us in all the disruptions and difficulties. So, I offer you the last of these advent reflections with extra tenderness and sense of us all trying to figure this out together, may you find peace and solace with you this Christmas. I hope you can join me, and please pass the link along to anyone you feel might enjoy this final Advent Headspace reflection.


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