Advent Headspace – if this year has felt a bit too much

How are you doing right now? I imagine for you, like for so many millions of people this year, 2020 has felt like a LOT?! We have weathered so much in the uncertainties, anxieties, sorrows and disappointments that pandemic life has left in its wake – so in collaboration with The Mind and Soul Foundation, I am offering us all four moments in Advent when we can slow down a little, find a moment of peace together and experience a bit of headspace and calm. The first of these is today, so please join us and take a listen here:

If you would like a bit of info and background about this series, you can find that here:

There will be three more on the following Advent sundays, and they really do come from my heart to yours. I think we all need a moment to gather our thoughts, listen to our hearts and connect back to the peace and hope which is right at the centre of the Christmas Story. I hope they are useful to you, please spread the word if you think there are others who might find them helpful? Thank you.


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