Autumn 2022 Update

As you know, these past few months we’ve been exploring what it means to be a Disciple Maker (a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of others). The goal of our lives is to know Jesus and become more like Him. The more like Jesus we become, the freer and more whole we are, which is good for us, and good for the world.

But knowing Jesus, and becoming like Him, doesn’t happen by chance. There are intentional practices we can build into our lives – things that we see modelled by Jesus – to help this transformation become real. Consider what Jesus did…

  1. Jesus had a daily practice of being with Father God in prayer, listening and resting.
  2. He invested personal time in a small huddle with 3 disciples: Peter, James, and John.
  3. He equipped his 12 disciples to grow together in his mission.
  4. He gathered wider crowds of 72-120+ followers.

All these practices kept Jesus close to God, to His followers, and resulted in supernatural impact in the world!

What might happen if we applied these same practices as a way of life? Are you open to join me for an experiment in discipleship this autumn?

I passionately believe that following the example of Jesus in these practices will bring a significant positive shift in our life and faith if we’re willing to ‘have a go’ together.

1. Read the Zeo daily devotions book

Commit to 42 days of daily moments with God by from Monday 19th September.

Pick up a book at our in-person services, or use the pdf.

2. Form a Huddle of 2-3 friends who will aim to meet weekly

Chat about what Jesus is saying to you through the devotions, and how you’re putting it into practice. This will be instead of our usual weekly Zeo Groups!

Go to to register your huddle or for help in forming one.

3. Be part of a Church-At-Home

Meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month to explore the new vision and values of Zeo Church, to be revealed on Sunday 18th September.

Go to to find your place. (If you’re up for hosting a Church-At-Home, please message us. We’ll provide resources, training and support.)

4. Gather at our Town Hall Celebrations

Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Sunday morning of every month, to give thanks for what God is doing, whilst being inspired and equipped as a disciple of Christ.

Check for all the dates.


You’ll be hearing more about this discipleship experiment in the coming weeks, and I hope you’re willing to join us for this shift to see what God might do!

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to come back to me. In the meantime, why not grab the book, pray about who to huddle with and ask them, and get the dates of our Church-At-Home and Celebration gatherings in your diary! ☺


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