Becoming Human

What does it mean to become human? 

When we witness people showing love, kindness, goodness, compassion, and selflessness, we describe them as inspiring examples of humanity. These qualities also reflect the very nature of God, fully revealed in Jesus.

Could it be that the more like Jesus we become, the more human we become?

The kind of human they you were created to be. The kind of human you long to be. 

Jesus didn’t call for people to adhere to religion or ‘convert’ to Christianity. Instead, He invited them to walk in His footsteps into a new way of life – to become like Him and to join Him in bringing more of Heaven to Earth.

This invite is for you today!

To become fully human through a Jesus-centred life – receiving His power to follow His practices, which promise healing and wholeness not just for our lives, but for the whole of creation.

From May – July 2024, we invite you to join Zeo Church for an unforgettable journey to BECOMING HUMAN!

How to Get involved

  • Join, or form a disciple-making huddle – A small group of 3-4 people who connect weekly for encouragement, accountability, and support (Find a huddle via the link below).
  • Join, or form a Church At Home – Meeting in homes, online, or at Zeo Centre on weeks 2 & 4 to explore the way of Jesus with friends (Find a Church At Home via the link below).
  • Gather for Zeo Celebrations at Hitchin Town Hall on Weeks 1 & 3 (Click Here).
  • Buy the book ‘Practising the way’ by John Mark Comer.

The Journey Ahead

  • 05-May-24  Introduction
  • 12-May-24 – Developing a rule of life
  • 19-May-24 – The practice of community
  • 26-May-24 – The practice of sabbath
  • 02-Jun-24 –  The practice of fasting
  • 09-Jun-24 –  The practice of prayer
  • 16-Jun-24 –  The practice of scripture
  • 23-Jun-24 –  The practice of solitude & silence
  • 30-Jun-24 –  The practice of generosity & service
  • 07-Jul-24 –   The practice of witness
  • 14-Jul-24 –   What next?

Find A Huddle

Huddles are a great way of supporting one another on our faith journeys. If you need some help forming a Huddle then fill out the form and we’ll match you up with others.

Church At Home

On weeks 2 & 4 every month, we gather in homes for a refreshing time to explore faith, hang-out with friends and cheer one another on. Find the Zeo CAH closest to you.