Being Brave When You Feel Like You’re Falling

Where do you need to be brave right now?
In your relationships? Health? Finances? Work? Faith?

Fear is a triggered emotional reaction for us all, but bravery is a choice.

At the Hitchin Zeo Celebration last Sunday, I shared three convictions “to be strapped into” to grow in bravery throughout the rollercoasters of life.  Check out the message on our podcasts or

But often, we find it hard to feel strapped in and secure in the promises of God. I appreciate the security of being strapped into a rollercoaster, despite the fear I still might feel. But, I’ve also experienced the terror of free-falling having been launched off a high platform with a bungy rope (not feeling strapped in at all!)

That sensation of ‘free-falling’ seems to last forever – even if it’s just a few excruciating seconds. But then, something brilliant thankfully happens. Before you crash to the ground, the bungy kicks in and now you’re no longer falling, now your flying! It’s a very different feeling – and it’s very cool. From falling to flying.

It reminds me of these words in Isaiah 40:31

“…those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.”

In verse 31, the Hebrew word for ‘trust’ is qāvâ (Ka-Va) which means to eagerly wait, with hope-filled trust and great expectation that something good is about to happen.

There will be times in life when we feel like we’re not strapped in at all. 
Times when it feels like we’re free-falling.
It’s horrible!
But it’s not our destiny.

Jesus invites us to bravely keep hold of God – don’t let go of Him. Trust that He sees us, loves us, and will take care and charge of our lives. That with Him, better days WILL come. They WILL.

If you feel like you’re falling right now, then my prayer for you is simple. That soon you will be flying – that you’ll be soaring. Seeing everything from God’s perspective, and experiencing the reality that He ALWAYS keeps His promises to bring us through.

Be brave, dear friend. God’s not finished with you yet!


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