I don’t have to, but I have to!

Jesus didn't go through Samaria because it was His only option. He went to Samaria because he really wanted to go. He knew an encounter was about to happen…

The two questions that shift you from a Jesus fan to His follower!

Anytime we come to grapple with the Bible we want to challenge ourselves to own these two key questions. Questions that force us to move beyond being a fan, to…

Getting back to some healthy habits

One of my favourite books that I read in the past year was Atomic Habits by James Clear. It's not a Christian book but a powerful reminder that we first form…

Some of the most beautiful, challenging verses in the Bible

What does it look like to be an overcomer? That's what Romans 12:9-21 is all about. Beautiful, challenging verses reveal to us what a life shining with Jesus…

When Jesus gets mad

We love the Jesus who is kind, gentle, and accepting. We love the Jesus who loves us as we are. Full Stop. But actually, there should be a comma at the end of…

When Putin uses the Bible to justify his actions

In the last week, you may have witnessed Putin quoting from the Bible to endorse his horrific actions in Ukraine. It was a sickening example of how people…

Don’t worry about anything – ok?

Jesus never promised that our external circumstances will be perfect, but He does invite us to embrace His peace in our internal world – in our heart.

It’s hard to be miserable and joyful at the same time

Jesus doesn't offer us a bucket of happiness - that's way too shallow for His aspirations for us.

Are you ready for a new heart?

Jesus wants your heart and life to be at peace even more than you do. And He alone can fix the heart because He created us.

Rest for the weary heart

In the struggling mess of our fragile lives, Jesus doesn't hold his nose in disgust, he draws us close in devotion.