Mission India Launch

Martin Luther King Jr once said "If a man doesn't have a cause worth dying for, then he's not fit to live." Do we have a cause worth dying for? Is Jesus a…


How do you feel about surprise and suddenly moments? The Bible has a lot to say about “suddenly” moments. God is in the business of showing up when we least…

Graffiti & Grace

What happens when our worst failures and brokenness are fully exposed to God? Will he strike us down as ‘sinners’... or do we find in him a surprising,…

You Are Loved

In the story of Jesus' own baptism, we see an incredible moment where Father God speaks, and the Holy Spirit soars, over Jesus. But why was this moment so…

The Power Of Unity

The Bible tells us that where there is unity, God commands a blessing. Why is this true? And what does unity look like?

Grow In Love

Serving is a great act of Love.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hilarious comedian, Andy Kind, brings a fresh take on life and faith - what might you have been missing?

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Jesus' death and resurrection has been the catalyst to billions of changed lives. Listen to some powerful stories and see for yourself what Jesus is doing!

Nurturing Growth

Mothering is an amazing act: the nurturing and growing of something precious deep inside, the promise of something for the future as yet unseen. But it is not…

Testimony Truth Task

John Richardson visits from St Mark's Church as part of the Churches Together in Hitchin initiative.