Compassionate People

‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you’.

The challenge is to forgive and to have COMPASSION.

Forgiving people is something that we’ll be looking at later on down the line. This week we are concentrating on compassion. Compassion is one of those things that when we are on the receiving end of it’s great, when people have a genuine concern for us. But the opposite of that is true, it can be great to be compassionate. And yet compassion often is costly. Compassion is having a genuine concern for someone, it’s seeing the plight and suffering of others and being moved into action.

The etymology of the word compassion is a suffering with anotherto share the affliction with another.  

In the story on Sunday, it told us that Jesus saw a woman racked with grief and His heart went out to her.We need to be like Jesus to allow our hearts to go out to people that we meet. When I’ve been talking to different people this week about the church at home session, a theme has kept coming up. That one great way to be compassionate is to give someone your time. In a world where we constantly seem to be time poor, this can be costly. But in giving time to someone, even five minutes, we are walking with them in their plight for that period of time.

Sometimes we are so busy we don’t want to feel like we can’t give someone that extra ten minutes. In reality we’re probably not going to die from being ten minutes late to a meeting, but someone’s life could be changed or even saved by experiencing Jesus through us.

Let’s try and be compassionate and give others our time this week, whether that’s five minutes or 3 hours.


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