Daily Prayer

Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit,
I welcome you and I worship you at the start of this new day.
You are the Lord of my life and of this world.
I love you and I surrender my life afresh in this moment.
Thank you that I am your beloved child.
Thank you that you are with me, you are for me
and you are at work in, and through, me.
Forgive me for falling short of all that you created me to be.
I receive a fresh start from heaven today and I declare that you have made me clean and holy.
Fill me with your Spirit and help me to become more like Jesus today.
Grow the gifts and passions that you have given to me,
and help me to use them to serve others.
Help me to be fully tuned in to what you are doing,
and give me the passion and courage to join in.
In your grace and mercy, turn impossible situations around.
Whatever happens, Father, I will choose to trust you wholeheartedly and rest in your goodness.
I pray all this for my good, for the good of others, and for your glory and fame.