Matt's 50th Drive-By Surprise

Matt's 50thDrive-By Surprise

Matt is going to be 50 on 6 October – and shhhhhh, we’re planning a big birthday surprise drive-by from all the Zeo family. We’d love you to be part of it! It would mean so much to Matt.

Here’s the info:

Surprise Drive-By
Tuesday 6 October, 6pm (or just before)
Join us at Junction of Gosmore Road & Newlands Lane, Hitchin, SG4 9BD

Important – please arrive via the Three Moorhens roundabout and Gosmore Road – avoid Newlands Lane, or we’ll spoil the surprise!

We’ll all drive past Matt’s mum and dad’s house (on Newlands Lane) in a convoy at 6pm, where Amy will have him outside waiting and wondering what’s about to happen!

As he sees the row of cars, the idea is you can pause a brief mo, wave, shout happy birthday etc and then keep on driving so we can avoid a traffic jam! Matt will be hugely blessed to see you!

Essential Info and FAQsGoogle Map DirectionsSign the card!

Essential info and FAQs!

  • We will go ahead whatever the weather – it’s Matt who will get wet! 🤣
  • Please arrive by driving down Gosmore Road from the Three Moorhens roundabout (see the map at the top of this page) and joining the convoy.
  • As you approach the Newlands Lane junction, we’ll have someone around to direct the convoy, so you’ll know you’re in the right place 🙂
  • Please join the convoy at 6pm – or ideally a couple of minutes earlier – we’ll hold a line of cars ready to go. The idea of a drive-by is it’s one continuous line of cars, so we’ll drive together down Newlands Lane when the convoy is ready.
  • The whole event should be over in 10 minutes or so. If you’re late you might miss it! If you arrive late, drive down Newlands Ave and if you’re lucky the back of the convoy might still be there!
  • As tempting as it is, please don’t toot your horn! (This is a residential road and we want to be respectful.)
  • If you like, you could open your window to say a little something, or jump out of the car super briefly, to drop a card / small gift on the drive? (BUT please don’t feel any pressure to do this – Matt would love to see your faces much more than any gifts!).
  • Please do keep to Covid guidelines on social distancing etc. Only do what you personally feel comfortable to do (Eg it’s fine to keep car windows closed and just wave.)
  • Feel free to be creative! E.g. get the kids to make a happy birthday card and sign for the car window! Decorate the car?! Maybe some balloons?! Maybe some happy birthday tunes playing from your car? Not too loud though! 😉
  • The house will be on the right-hand side of your car (for waving or car-decorating purposes!)

Matt is disappointed not to be able to party with his whole Zeo family, so he’s going to be thrilled by this surprise 🙂 It will be so good to show our love and appreciation of him this way – we really hope you can be part of it?

Hope that all makes sense! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amy at or Paul at .

Thank you in advance for what will be a super special time! And PLEASE REMEMBER – IT’S A SURPRISE!!

Let’s bless our beloved pastor in this way as he celebrates becoming 50!

Don't forget the card!

Huge thanks to those of who have written and uploaded photos in Matts E-Card so far! If you haven’t got round to this yet, a reminder that the deadline is fast approaching (Sep 26th). Matt loves words so this card will mean much to him! Thanks in advance to all who contribute to this!

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