Need help?

In this season, life is bringing challenges to many of us. When we’re under stress – worrying about something or facing a problem we don’t know how to solve – it can feel impossible to find peace or think of a way through. We’re here to help.

So many things can steal our peace… losing our job, money worries, long term illness, relationship struggles or bereavement. There’s no magic wand that can take away the pain of many of those things, but sharing a need can lift the load and help explore possible solutions.

At Zeo, we want to help you, whatever difficulties you’re facing. You don’t have to do this on your own. We can offer you safe space and support to talk through your challenges confidentially with someone who can offer guidance and advice. We may be able to offer practical support to help directly, or to point you in the right direction of other organisations or sources of support locally.

We’re open to everyone, no matter what your faith or family background is, no strings attached. We’d love to pray with you and tell you a bit about why we believe God can help you #FindPeace in all of your life – but equally, we’re really happy not to if you’d rather not. Why not reach out and see if we can help you to #FindPeace today? All you have to lose is your worry :)


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