God speaks through bubble wrap

Bubble wrap?! Honestly, it’s thrown me!

So, I started writing this, firstly apologising – my usual go-to position 🙂 – then started to write about disappointment. But before I got to the next sentence I heard, “Bubble wrap!”. And no, this was not said to me in passing, but it was spoken and handed to my heart. As though I was in a strategic planning meeting and taking over the world – and out of the blue someone calmly says ”bubble wrap.” So, of course, I had to stop mid-type.

The next thing I did was say “Bubble Wrap? Really Lord??” (btw this was an internal dialogue).

I then did the next – road most traveled – thing. I googled ‘bubble wrap’.

Now before you read this delightful piece of ‘what’s the purpose of bubble wrap’ I just want to pray that “Holy Spirit, you will do your thing, that only you can do. Open our eyes to see. Replace Bubble Wrap for God’s love. :)”

What’s the purpose of bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging solutions available. It is an extremely effective way of protecting fragile items during shipping, moving, and storing due to its soft cushioning. Designed to protect everything from small, lightweight items too large, fragile products… Not only is bubble wrap perfect for protecting items, but it also makes a good insulator.

God’s love is the most protective solution available, God’s love is an extremely effective way of protecting fragile hearts during all the disappointments, the heartaches the ‘could ofs’ and the ‘would ofs’. God’s love is designed to protect everything from small (our personal needs) to largest (issues our world is facing) fragile seasons of our lives.
Not only is God’s love perfect for protecting, but His love also makes a good insulator, and is never-ending.

I realised while writing this, that what I was going to start writing about was all the things that have been interrupting my days. I was going to write about disappointments – whether that be the health issues we face, the family issues we are struggling with, or the burdens we carry as a result of what’s happening in the world. But now, what I feel I’m about to write needs a separate sentence on its own.

God took disappointment out of the sentence and put it in Bubble wrap.

We are individually and together joined, as the body of Christ, in bubble wrap.

God wants you to stop and know that you are His prized procession, (No, He doesn’t own you but he did create you 🙂 You are so prized that He has you wrapped up in bubble wrap (the most popular protective packaging solution available).

God wants to take what is broken and wrap you up together. All the pieces matter to him.

He wants to remove the image that you have in your head of disappointment and He wants to think of how He sees YOU.

God’s got you! You are all safely wrapped up, and for those of you who might feel claustrophobic, remember He knows. It’s all good. You can still breathe. He meets you were you are at. 🙂 X

Life might be hard. But God has got you, more than that He is with you, more than that His love is bubblewrap around you. God help us all trust and rest in that love.


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