What's it all about?

“…everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

Philippians 3:8

The goal of our lives is to know Jesus, and become like Him. The more like Jesus we become, the more healed, whole and free we will be. The more like Jesus we become, the more His mission will become our passion.

One of the key ways we do this at Zeo Church is to embrace a everyday spiritual practice that becoe Habits.

Remember, we’re all work-in-progress – we’re in a relationship with God, not under religion. So, let’s ‘have a go’ together and see what Jesus will do.


When we were growing up, we were ‘trained’ by our parents to get into the habit of washing our face and brushing our teeth every day. It didn’t come naturally at first, but now we wouldn’t think of starting our day without doing those things.

We want to build that same good habit when it comes to drawing close to Jesus each day, and throughout the day.

With this in mind, we’re training ourselves to build a healthy habit every day – a spiritual practice of drawing close to God.

First up...

Start the day with God

Start with 2 minutes Bible reading, 2 minutes reflection, 2 minutes prayer – and look to grow from there.


Turn your thoughts to God

Throughout the day, allow your thoughts (encouragements and worries) to become moments to pray.


Close the day with God

Before your head hits the pillow, take a moment to be thankful, release and forgive anyone who has hurt you that day, and give your worries to God (who will keep working on your behalf as you sleep).

More Resources...

Zeo Journal

The Zeo Journal is a space for you to capture what God is saying to you and how you are responding. God speaks to us in many different ways – through his word, through prayer, through circumstance, through others – so be encouraged to engage with him in all these ways.
As you look back you will see how God has been at work in your life over time.

Pick up a Zeo Journal next time you’re at one of our gatherings.

Zeo Prayer Guide

Our new Zeo prayer guide “Being With God” is available now – packed with inspiration to help you connect with God every day. Pick up your copy at church, or download the pdf here.

Download PDF

Daily Prayer

A simple prayer to pray every day.

Daily Prayer

Bible in a year

Every year at Zeo Church, a number of us commit to read the Bible through in a year. This year we’re focusing on reading the New Testament.

There are various options for you, in terms of how you approach the year ahead….

  1. Read the whole of each day (Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb passages)
  2. Read the New Testament section only
  3. Read the Psalm and Proverb only
Order a daily bible