Here’s why I’m feeling jealous right now

In the weeks since the Asbury spiritual awakening, more stories are being reported of unprecedented, powerful encounters with God. As God’s people reach out to Jesus in heartfelt worship and prayer, it seems that Heaven is responding with beautiful, prolonged moments of Holy Spirit encounters, combined with repentance, healing, miracles and salvation. Just two weeks ago, meetings in Manchester UK were turned upside down, the programme scrapped, as the tangible presence of God was experienced.

This all might sound a little odd. I might say the same had I not had an experience like this myself in a youth camp some years ago. God moved so powerfully that there was simply hours of worship and prayer. No preaching. Just people reaching out to God, and being touched and changed. And they were changed. I was changed. This wasn’t about a ‘feel good’ moment, but a genuine sense of having a life-changing encounter with God that deepened my love for Christ and my desire to be good news in a broken world.

So I’m jealous for us to meet with God like this! Maybe Heaven is waiting. Maybe Jesus is wondering how important it is to us. Just to reach out and touch him. And be changed. To pursue him above all else.

This Sunday evening we have an opportunity to do pursue Jesus at our Encounter night from 7pm at Zeo Centre. If you’re like me, you probably really enjoy your Sunday evenings off. But I sense I need to draw close to God more than I need to put my slipper-footed feet up. Can we join together? With expectation and heartfelt adoration to the God who longs to meet with us. Be great to see you. Even better to see Him.


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