Jesus only ever wants you to keep it real

“Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!”

These were the words of an anguished father in the powerful, honest, moving story that Tobi reflected upon last Sunday at Zeo (catch her brilliant message on our YouTube channel and you can find the original story in Mark 9:14-29).

The father is heartbroken as, for years, he’s had to helplessly witness the constant torment and suffering of his beloved son. He calls upon the disciples to pray for healing – but the situation stays the same! Now the father finds himself in front of Jesus.

“Anything is possible for those who believe.” Jesus seeks to assure.

And here we find the response of the father. Years of disappointment have put an understandable lid on faith. Faith is not dead. It’s still there. He believes! And yet, life is messier than that. The shadow of fear, doubt, and disappointment lurk like a prowling wolf. But he’s honest. Embarrassingly honest. Maybe his honesty will turn the teacher, Jesus, away.

“Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!”

But the Messiah doesn’t turn away. He knows how tough life is for us. He knows the toll it takes on our battles with faith and doubt. He speaks words of freedom, and the boy is healed. Decades of suffering have ended. Good news has come.

So friend, as you read this. I just want to encourage you. Keep it real with Jesus.

Don’t hide.
Be honest.
Be vulnerable.

I can’t promise a miracle in a moment, but I can promise that God leans into honesty and reality. I can promise you that God is closer than the breath you breathe with His tender, comforting, peace, and love.

Maybe the cry of this father would be a good daily prayer to pray? And as we pray it, may we feel the shadow of doubt and fear drifting away in the light of His hope.

May you receive a hug from Heaven whatever you’re going through. Amen.


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