Manager - CAP Life Skills Course

Zeo Church, in partnership with Christians Against Poverty, are looking for a Manager to run and promote the CAP Life Skills Course, based in Hitchin.

What is the course?

CAP Life Skills is a friendly group that gives people the confidence and decision-making skills they need to survive life on a low income. You will teach people practical money saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget, living healthily on less, and making your money go further. Full training is provided by CAP.

Who are we seeking?

  • You will be able to demonstrate your passion for the poor and evangelism – and putting this into practice.
  • It would be great if you had experience of mentoring or coaching and experience of leading a small group or project.
  • You must be able to give both verbal assent to, and practical demonstration of, CAP’s Statement of Faith and Core Values.
  • You must be able to actively take part in prayer and worship, whether individual, in a small group or corporately, as an expression of own personal faith and in line with CAP’s Statement of Faith.

Hours: 3 per week when the course is running (up to 24 sessions p.a. during term time), and an additional 1 hour per week at all other times, subject to negotiation.


Want to know more? Contact Carlton Andrews (Debt Centre Manager): or 07305 460031.