Life on fire

In Exodus Chapter 3, we read the strangest of tales where an 80-year-old shepherd, called Moses, encounters a desert bush which is raging on fire but is not being consumed by the flame.

Moses is intrigued and ventures over for a closer look, only to receive the surprise of his life as God personally and profoundly speaks to him, drawing him into a death-defying rescue operation, breaking the Israelites from 400 years of Egyptian slavery. 

Fast forward over 1,000 years later…120 disciples of Jesus are huddled together in a fervent, Jerusalem prayer meeting. The risen and ascended Christ has told them to wait-  with great expectation – for the Holy Spirit to come and fill them with life-changing, death-destroying, rescue-enabling divine power.

When the Holy Spirit finally flowed out from Heaven on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, the first visible impact was what ‘looked like‘ tongues of fire resting on their heads. They were on fire, and yet not consumed by the flame – and they went on to change the world!

In Exodus 3, God speaks and works through a fiery bush!
In Acts 2, God speaks and works through a fiery body!

We’re living in the Acts 2 reality!

God longs to fill you with the fire of his passion and power.
God longs to speak and work through you in the world.
God longs for your ‘life on fire’ to attract the attention of those around you so they’ll draw closer to you, and ultimately draw closer to Him.

As we celebrated Pentecost last Sunday, let’s take a moment right now to pause and invite the Holy Spirit to fill us afresh! Fire us up! Send us out. And draw many to the Jesus and the wonder of His good news.

Cheering and praying for you in this.


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