Recovery In A Cave

Ever felt like you wanted to run away and hide, feeling discouraged, disillusioned, frustrated or hurt? You may have thought you need to find something or someone that could help you. Before David was appointed King of Israel, his life was in danger so he ran to hide in a cave, but this cave became a recovery centre for many. The reality is maybe your place of refuge will be someone else’s place of recovery. When you step out you see what God will do for you!

Fear Less

We’ve all probably heard about how many times the bible says things like ‘do not be afraid’ – but how do you handle emotions like fear and anxiety which are such a big challenge to many people? What is anxiety and why does it cause so many problems – and what does the Bible REALLY say about how God can help us when we feel trapped by fear?

From Shadow To Sparkle

It’s time to come out of the shadow and be the person God has made you to be. Claire Dexter encourages us to be bold.