Unity isn’t passive, it’s participative

In Exodus 36, we read about something incredible that happened with the people of God as they worked together to build God’s house. They gave their time, skills, passion, and finance so generously that God, through Moses, told them to STOP GIVING.

Personal finances during the pandemic

One of the many difficult aspects of this pandemic is the impact it has had for lots of us on personal finances. It can feel difficult to talk about and hard to know where to go for reliable advice. Carlton Andrews has put together this useful blogpost for us with several really useful links to […]

Every Giant Must Fall

The story of David and Goliath. Giant killers burn with complaint, act with confidence, run with courage, pursue with commitment, and are contagious.

Ditch The Disney Dream

Avoid comparison! God has given each of us a unique place, purpose, provision and identity. Set your dreams to who he has made you to be.