Are you ready for something new?

Whatever we’re about to face, the Bible reminds us that God is always able – and committed – to do something good. Something fresh. Something new.

How we can journey through change well together

“Everybody loves change providing it’s their idea!” I’ve said that a few times over the years, and yet here we are on a surprising journey as a Zeo family pursuing God’s new vision and values for Zeo.

Personal finances during the pandemic

One of the many difficult aspects of this pandemic is the impact it has had for lots of us on personal finances. It can feel difficult to talk about and hard to know where to go for reliable advice. Carlton Andrews has put together this useful blogpost for us with several really useful links to […]


How do you feel about surprise and suddenly moments? The Bible has a lot to say about “suddenly” moments. God is in the business of showing up when we least expect and when we are most in need. The “suddenly” moments remind us give in to God, he has us! He is Emmanuel and He will not fail us.