Self-care and Sacrifice

Self Care sounds like a bit of a fluffy-sounding buzz word sometimes doesn’t it? Audre Lorde said “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation”. It was the opposite of a fluffy, self-indulgent notion.

Personal finances during the pandemic

One of the many difficult aspects of this pandemic is the impact it has had for lots of us on personal finances. It can feel difficult to talk about and hard to know where to go for reliable advice. Carlton Andrews has put together this useful blogpost for us with several really useful links to […]

Pursuing God In The Pain

It’s easy to be pursuing God when things are going well, but why and how should we pursue God in the midst of pain and struggle? What lessons can we learn from Paul and Silas’ prison encounter from Acts 16.

Creating Your Space For God

How can we build personal, private practices that deepen our awareness of the presence of God in our lives? In this talk we look at practical steps we can take to experience, encounter and embrace more of God in the everyday moments of our lives.

There Is More

There is more of God to embrace, more of God to experience, more of God to encounter. But whether we embrace MORE of God is up to us. What can we learn some ‘stories of old’ in scripture that show us how to connect with MORE of God – and what will happen when we do?

Choices have consequences

We all know that every choice we make in life has a consequence – we reap what we sow! In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God reminds us about the greatest choice we can make which will bring the best possible consequence in our lives. Why should we be passionate pursuers of the presence of God above all else, and what might happen when we do?