Permission to rest

You are not a machine, you are the dear and beloved child of God! Rest is a holy practice inaugurated and even commanded by God right from the start.

Caring for mental wellbeing during lockdown and beyond

Be real. Show self compassion. Give yourself space to express and process difficult emotions. In the midst of lockdown and isolation, this is good advice that has been given (including by us!) about how to manage the balance between trying to stay positive and accepting that this season is triggering some painful emotions.

Liturgies for Hope

Liturgy can provide a framework for prayer when we are at a loss for words, exhausted or bewildered. Liturgies of Hope have been written for just such a time as this.

Anchored… and rising stronger

The future remains uncertain, however, there are things we can intentionally practice to remain anchored and rise stronger. This includes a combination of keeping our eyes fixed on God, utilising our resilience skills and personal strengths in new ways.

Personal finances during the pandemic

One of the many difficult aspects of this pandemic is the impact it has had for lots of us on personal finances. It can feel difficult to talk about and hard to know where to go for reliable advice. Carlton Andrews has put together this useful blogpost for us with several really useful links to […]

Resources for your wellbeing during Covid-19

Suddenly finding normal life disrupted so quickly, and being at home almost all the time can be a challenge to our feelings of wellbeing and health, so here are some great resources to support you and your family during the pandemic. We hope you find some really practical help, entertainment or inspiration amongst these links.