The deja-vu story of Peter as he encounters Jesus. Jesus doesn’t expect perfection – he knows Peter too well – instead he leads him towards an amazing future.


Two thieves are put to death, and meet Jesus as they are crucified with him. In our suffering, how would we respond to Jesus offer of future with him?


Pete Gilbert visits to continue our Encounter series, sharing how Jesus has the power to set us free.


The day a blind man called Bartimaeus met Jesus and finds the whole story of his life is rewritten.


The story of the woman at the well. Meeting Jesus you can find rest, you can be known, burdens can be lifted, forgiveness can come, and love can win.


The story of Levi as he meets Jesus in Mark 2. You’re not a mistake, you are uniquely made by God – you’re born for a reason and God has chosen you.


Kate Middleton begins our Encounter series – exploring the stories of people as they meet Jesus in the bible.