The Greatest Story Ever Told

Jesus’ death and resurrection has been the catalyst to billions of changed lives. Listen to some powerful stories and see for yourself what Jesus is doing!


How do we live in the light of the cross? In this final part of our series, we’ll be exploring what Jesus’ death on the cross means for us in terms of the way we live our lives today. Everything must change!


How does the cross bring the decisive victory of evil and the demonic realm? And if this victory has been won, why are there still battles today? In this talk, we’ll understand how Jesus’ actions on the cross meant that Satan’s demise was 100% guaranteed – and how we grab hold of the victory of the cross until that final judgement day?


Jesus Christ has rescued us through his death on the cross. But how has the cross forgiven us and restored us into an eternal life-giving relationship with God? In this talk, we explore some mind-blowing good news which just shows how much God loves us.


In this new four part series we’ll be looking at the Cross of Jesus. How has the cross defeated the biggest giants we face in life – sin, suffering, Satan and even death itself. In this first talk we pause to wonder at how the cross meets our first and greatest need – to be forgiven and given new life in God.

Three Practices for Financial Flourishing

God promises to bless us as we give, but we also do our part to ensure prosperity by 1) working hard, being diligent in all that we do; 2) avoiding debt, saving for what we want to buy, budgeting well and getting out of debt, and 3) living honestly, not taking what doesn’t belong to us.


Pete Gilbert visits to continue our Encounter series, sharing how Jesus has the power to set us free.


The day a blind man called Bartimaeus met Jesus and finds the whole story of his life is rewritten.


The story of the woman at the well. Meeting Jesus you can find rest, you can be known, burdens can be lifted, forgiveness can come, and love can win.