Daily Routine – The Habit

The goal of our lives is to know Jesus, and become like Him. The more like Jesus we become, the more healed, whole and free we will be. One of the key ways we do this is through daily rhythms of life.

All About Giving

Money is a hugely sensitive subject in our culture, but Jesus talked a lot about money. Nearly half of all Jesus parables (16 out of 38) are concerned with how we handle money.

Mission India Launch

Martin Luther King Jr once said “If a man doesn’t have a cause worth dying for, then he’s not fit to live.” Do we have a cause worth dying for? Is Jesus a cause worth dying for? There are over 215 million christians being persecuted around the world. What can we learn from them? How can we support them?

Becoming An Extravagant Giver

In this final part of The Money Secret we explore the blessing of taking our giving to the next level of generosity. Why should we give extravagantly, and what happens when we do?

Check Your Heart

The church doesn’t want your money, God wants your heart! That’s been the key message throughout this whole teaching series. So what are the heart attitudes God is looking for? In this message we explore (1) embracing contentment, rejecting comparison, (2) embracing gratitude, rejecting greed, (3) embracing giving, rejecting getting.

Managing Your Money Well

What should we do with our money? If you had a sudden windfall today what would you do with it? And perhaps more to the point, what SHOULD you do with it? Sometimes we spend money without even realising it – but we are called to manage our money well. So what does one of Jesus most famous parables about money teach us about how we should approach our finances – and what does this have to do with seeing more of God’s influence and authority here on earth?

What Do I Buy First?

Someone once said ‘You can tell a lot about priorities from their chequebooks’. What does your cheque book (or bank statement) reveal about your priorities? If God is first in our lives then our first priority should be to give back to God. So what is this second principal of financial freedom around firstfruits and tithing? Is it really still applicable today and if so, where do we start?