Are you ready for a new heart?

Jesus wants your heart and life to be at peace even more than you do. And He alone can fix the heart because He created us.

Rest for the weary heart

In the struggling mess of our fragile lives, Jesus doesn't hold his nose in disgust, he draws us close in devotion.

Good news for the broken-hearted

The Hebrew word for 'broken-hearted' is a powerful word, potent with emotion. It's describing someone who literally feels like their life has been, or is…

Good news for the broken-hearted

God doesn't come to us with condemnation, He comes to us with kindness.

Does your heart need healing?

King David was Israel's most beloved King, with a passionate God-centered heart. And yet even David knew that he regularly needed to allow God to conduct some…

Becoming An Extravagant Giver

In this final part of The Money Secret we explore the blessing of taking our giving to the next level of generosity. Why should we give extravagantly, and what…

Check Your Heart

The church doesn't want your money, God wants your heart! That's been the key message throughout this whole teaching series. So what are the heart attitudes…