The secret to boldness

The Greek word for boldness here speaks about a strong inner confidence and courage because you KNOW what you’re talking about and living out. Peter and John didn’t know about Jesus, they knew HIm – Jesus’ life was at work in them through the power of the

Change your default setting

Just like our mobiles have default settings, so we tend to lean into default settings in terms of how we live our lives.Our biggest default setting is to lean into self-reliance rather than being dependent on God.

Autumn 2022 Update

Knowing Jesus, and becoming like Him, doesn’t happen by chance. There are intentional practices we can build into our lives – things that we see modelled by Jesus – to help this transformation become real.

Jesus only ever wants you to keep it real

You’ll never find the words ‘And Jesus ran…” in the Bible. Jesus walks with us. Sometimes He talks. Sometimes He listens. Sometimes He enjoys being with us with no words spoken – like hanging out with the best of friends that you don’t need to perform for.

When Jesus gets mad

We love the Jesus who is kind, gentle, and accepting. We love the Jesus who loves us as we are. Full Stop. But actually, there should be a comma at the end of that sentence, not a full stop.


7 billion people on planet earth are searching. But what are they searching for, and how might the answer be found in this 2,000-year-old Christmas story?

Graffiti & Grace

What happens when our worst failures and brokenness are fully exposed to God? Will he strike us down as ‘sinners’… or do we find in him a surprising, life-giving response? In this inspiring message, Carl explores Jesus’ response to the woman caught in adultery – she is thrown on the ground before him with a question – should she should be stoned? What Jesus says and does reveals something quite incredible about the love and grace of God…

You Are Loved

In the story of Jesus’ own baptism, we see an incredible moment where Father God speaks, and the Holy Spirit soars, over Jesus. But why was this moment so profound and what does it tell us today about the nature of God’s love for us?

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Jesus’ death and resurrection has been the catalyst to billions of changed lives. Listen to some powerful stories and see for yourself what Jesus is doing!


How do we live in the light of the cross? In this final part of our series, we’ll be exploring what Jesus’ death on the cross means for us in terms of the way we live our lives today. Everything must change!