Some of the most beautiful, challenging verses in the Bible

What does it look like to be an overcomer? That's what Romans 12:9-21 is all about. Beautiful, challenging verses reveal to us what a life shining with Jesus…

When Putin uses the Bible to justify his actions

In the last week, you may have witnessed Putin quoting from the Bible to endorse his horrific actions in Ukraine. It was a sickening example of how people…


"Love means you never have to say you're sorry!" So says the famous quote from the film 'Love Story'. But guess what? That's totally RUBBISH! Love doesn't just…

It’s not me – it’s you

What if your relationships were not about YOU? What if the purpose of your relationships was to see the OTHER person thrive? What if you were committed to…

Reality Check

Launching this new series on romantic relationships, we look at 4 surprising truths that might just kickstart a revolution in our relationships - if we dare!

You Are Loved

In the story of Jesus' own baptism, we see an incredible moment where Father God speaks, and the Holy Spirit soars, over Jesus. But why was this moment so…

Grow In Love

Serving is a great act of Love.

Your Security In Christ

Can you be secure in an insecure world? How do you manage when unexpected giants or challenges hit, and things like fear or doubt kick in? Where can we really…

Here Comes Heaven

There are some great Christmas ads this year from the big chain stores. What if all these things are found in Jesus?


The story of the woman at the well. Meeting Jesus you can find rest, you can be known, burdens can be lifted, forgiveness can come, and love can win.