A vision of wellbeing for all

God's vision for every single person is one of ongoing healing, wholeness and restoration. He is calling us into a reality of wellbeing for people and the…

Advent Headspace – finding calm in the heartache

Here are a few minutes of solidarity and calm, a moment of headspace to acknowledge pain but also hold on the fact that Love remains, is present and can hold…

Advent Headspace – When your head feels full

A few minutes of calm reflection and headspace if the quieter Christmas season feels very busy in your head and heart this year.

Advent Headspace – Finding love that soothes fear and fluster

Join us for a moment of headspace in the run-up to Christmas.

The loving mindfulness of God

The loving mindfulness of God offers deep reassurance but is also a call to become more mindful people in the ups and down of daily life.