Are you ready for the ripple

Do you know that your life is supposed to create a ripple effect in the world? A positive ripple effect as Jesus shines His life and light through you wherever you go.

Mission India Launch

Martin Luther King Jr once said “If a man doesn’t have a cause worth dying for, then he’s not fit to live.” Do we have a cause worth dying for? Is Jesus a cause worth dying for? There are over 215 million christians being persecuted around the world. What can we learn from them? How can we support them?

Who Do You Represent?

As Christians we represent God’s Kingdom in the world. We’re ambassadors for the King, carrying his message, his values and his authority wherever we go.

What Do You Carry?

Sharing our stories of the difference God has made to our lives is important – but what’s the most important thing about how and when we share with people?

Who Will Go?

The story from Isaiah 6. A revelation of who God is will make us respond in wonder and awe, a realisation of our need for mercy, and a commissioning to go.