Please Pray for Me!

The family of God is vast, unique, and diverse, encompassing beautiful expressions of colour and culture gathered together. Thousands will unite in a field in Somerset and – in the midst of all the fun, food, games, activities, movies, silent discos, craft workshops, new friendships, and late night snack chats – lives will be changed by Jesus, including for many of our young people.

Stick Your Neck Out!

Where might God be nudging you to stick your neck out, knowing He is always with you? Could you consider hosting a Church at Home? Or join the Youth Team? Maybe it’s to shine a bit brighter in your workplace. To share a little of your faith.

How do you respond to God’s vision?

In Acts 26, the Apostle Paul finds himself in an audience with King Agrippa, the ruler of Judea. Paul tells Agrippa the story of when he first encountered Jesus, the vision Jesus gave him, and how he responded to it.