The sixth sense of unshakeable faith

You’ll be familiar with the idea that humans have five senses: taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch. But did you know that we genuinely have a ‘sixth sense’, which is called proprioception?

Looking after wellbeing in a second lockdown

It is tough, many of us are feeling a bit weary, defeated, anxious or angry. All this is a perfectly natural human reaction to what continues to be an incredibly challenging year. But we don’t have to do it alone.

Stubborn, resilient, everyday joy

Joy, stubborn and resilient, reminds us life is never one thing; that despite demands and difficulties that come scurrying our way there are still things, accessible experiences, that can ignite our curiosity and joy.

Permission to rest

You are not a machine, you are the dear and beloved child of God! Rest is a holy practice inaugurated and even commanded by God right from the start.

Liturgies for Hope

Liturgy can provide a framework for prayer when we are at a loss for words, exhausted or bewildered. Liturgies of Hope have been written for just such a time as this.


How do you feel about surprise and suddenly moments? The Bible has a lot to say about “suddenly” moments. God is in the business of showing up when we least expect and when we are most in need. The “suddenly” moments remind us give in to God, he has us! He is Emmanuel and He will not fail us.