Are you ready for something new?

Whatever we’re about to face, the Bible reminds us that God is always able – and committed – to do something good. Something fresh. Something new.

Managing Your Money Well

What should we do with our money? If you had a sudden windfall today what would you do with it? And perhaps more to the point, what SHOULD you do with it? Sometimes we spend money without even realising it – but we are called to manage our money well. So what does one of Jesus most famous parables about money teach us about how we should approach our finances – and what does this have to do with seeing more of God’s influence and authority here on earth?


The deja-vu story of Peter as he encounters Jesus. Jesus doesn’t expect perfection – he knows Peter too well – instead he leads him towards an amazing future.


The story of Levi as he meets Jesus in Mark 2. You’re not a mistake, you are uniquely made by God – you’re born for a reason and God has chosen you.

Ditch The Disney Dream

Avoid comparison! God has given each of us a unique place, purpose, provision and identity. Set your dreams to who he has made you to be.