God, we need you in our shaking

How are you today?Seriously.How are you? I’m so aware that many in the Zeo family are being shaken right now. It seems we’ve had a torrent of really tough health issues in just the last week alone, aside from the many other pressures are feeling. It’s hard. Really hard. Hard to experience. Hard to understand […]

From Now On

As The Greatest Showman movie starts to edge to a close, PT Barnum starts to realise that he’s been living for the wrong things! The song ‘From Now On’ captures his resolution that life is much more about family and friendships than having fame, fortune and stuff. But is there a deeper sense of ‘home and family’ that our soul is longing for? Jesus tells one of His most famous stories of all to give the answer.

This Is Me

‘This is me’, from The Greatest Showman’, became one of the soundtracks of 2018 – and it’s still hugely popular today. What is it about this song that resonates with so many of us, and how some stories Jesus’ told both encourage and challenge some of the messages it carries?

Never Enough

In Part 1 of this new teaching series exploring the ‘Songs of The Greatest Showman’ we take a look at the song “Never Enough”. Why does the pursuit of ‘more’ never really satisfy us, and how does Jesus shake up our thinking about through a powerful parable he told about a very successful, rich man?

Your Security In Christ

Can you be secure in an insecure world? How do you manage when unexpected giants or challenges hit, and things like fear or doubt kick in? Where can we really find our security, so that we can fight back against the giants we face?

Trust Over Comfort

What if we decided to trust God and move out into beyond our comfort zones? Belinda Norrington reminds us that God works with us as we step out.