Graffiti & Grace

What happens when our worst failures and brokenness are fully exposed to God? Will he strike us down as ‘sinners’… or do we find in him a surprising, life-giving response? In this inspiring message, Carl explores Jesus’ response to the woman caught in adultery – she is thrown on the ground before him with a question – should she should be stoned? What Jesus says and does reveals something quite incredible about the love and grace of God…


How does the cross bring the decisive victory of evil and the demonic realm? And if this victory has been won, why are there still battles today? In this talk, we’ll understand how Jesus’ actions on the cross meant that Satan’s demise was 100% guaranteed – and how we grab hold of the victory of the cross until that final judgement day?


Jesus Christ has rescued us through his death on the cross. But how has the cross forgiven us and restored us into an eternal life-giving relationship with God? In this talk, we explore some mind-blowing good news which just shows how much God loves us.


In this new four part series we’ll be looking at the Cross of Jesus. How has the cross defeated the biggest giants we face in life – sin, suffering, Satan and even death itself. In this first talk we pause to wonder at how the cross meets our first and greatest need – to be forgiven and given new life in God.