Recovery In A Cave

Ever felt like you wanted to run away and hide, feeling discouraged, disillusioned, frustrated or hurt? You may have thought you need to find something or someone that could help you. Before David was appointed King of Israel, his life was in danger so he ran to hide in a cave, but this cave became a recovery centre for many. The reality is maybe your place of refuge will be someone else’s place of recovery. When you step out you see what God will do for you!

God vs Science

Exploring the different interactions between God and Science; through science, we glimpse God, that science needs God’s guidance and that the focus of the two are quite different but complementary.

World Vs Word

With the help of a visual drama, our Apprentice Youth Group look at the pulls of the world and the word.

From Shadow To Sparkle

It’s time to come out of the shadow and be the person God has made you to be. Claire Dexter encourages us to be bold.

Trust Over Comfort

What if we decided to trust God and move out into beyond our comfort zones? Belinda Norrington reminds us that God works with us as we step out.

Fear & Faith

Eugene Dunkley shares his experience of God’s faithfulness and generosity, above and beyond the limits we have in our minds.

How To Live Your Divinity

Living as a child of God is an amazing, supernatural, adventure. An inspiration to live up to who we’re made to be.

Ditch The Disney Dream

Avoid comparison! God has given each of us a unique place, purpose, provision and identity. Set your dreams to who he has made you to be.