A vision of wellbeing for all

God’s vision for every single person is one of ongoing healing, wholeness and restoration. He is calling us into a reality of wellbeing for people and the planet, and each one of us has a part to play and a response to make.

Looking after wellbeing in a second lockdown

It is tough, many of us are feeling a bit weary, defeated, anxious or angry. All this is a perfectly natural human reaction to what continues to be an incredibly challenging year. But we don’t have to do it alone.

The loving mindfulness of God

The loving mindfulness of God offers deep reassurance but is also a call to become more mindful people in the ups and down of daily life.

Is self compassion a struggle?

Self-compassion is key because sometimes when life is very hard and makes no sense and friends and even God seem far away, self-compassion is the bedrock, the soft place to fall when everything else has given way.

It’s more than ok to change your mind

We have permission to change our minds. Not only is embracing new understandings allowed it is a powerful spiritual action and deep ethic of love. Without changing, we will never grow in Christlikeness after all, we will not let go of the things that mar the image of the Divine in us, and our capacity to be agents of His restoration in the world will be lessened.

Stubborn, resilient, everyday joy

Joy, stubborn and resilient, reminds us life is never one thing; that despite demands and difficulties that come scurrying our way there are still things, accessible experiences, that can ignite our curiosity and joy.

Self-care and Sacrifice

Self Care sounds like a bit of a fluffy-sounding buzz word sometimes doesn’t it? Audre Lorde said “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation”. It was the opposite of a fluffy, self-indulgent notion.

Permission to rest

You are not a machine, you are the dear and beloved child of God! Rest is a holy practice inaugurated and even commanded by God right from the start.