Rediscovering fellowship – we REALLY need it right now

The original Greek word that the Apostle Paul uses for ‘partners’ in v5 is ‘Koinonia’ and most of the time in the New Testament it’s translated as ‘fellowship’. This word fellowship is rich and potent in meaning, and in these ever-changing times we need it more than ever.

Unity isn’t passive, it’s participative

In Exodus 36, we read about something incredible that happened with the people of God as they worked together to build God’s house. They gave their time, skills, passion, and finance so generously that God, through Moses, told them to STOP GIVING.

God speaks through bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular protective packaging solutions available. It is an extremely effective way of protecting fragile items during shipping, moving, and storing due to its soft cushioning. Designed to protect everything from small, lightweight items too large, fragile products… Not only is bubble wrap perfect for protecting items, but it also makes a good insulator.

The Power Of Unity

The Bible tells us that where there is unity, God commands a blessing. Why is this true? And what does unity look like?