How do you respond to God’s vision?

In Acts 26, the Apostle Paul finds himself in an audience with King Agrippa, the ruler of Judea. Paul tells Agrippa the story of when he first encountered Jesus, the vision Jesus gave him, and how he responded to it.

The God Who Makes Us Holy

The bible builds a multidimensional picture of a holy God, who carries the name “God-who-makes-you-holy.” Based in the amazing vision in Isaiah 6, we look at what holiness looks like, why we’re drawn towards it, how we get it, and why it’s an unexpected answer to the deep questions of life.


The first practice of peacemaking is seeing. Seeing with fresh sight, and seeing people as God sees them – not as someone to be attacked or demonised or dehumanised but that we see everyone is made in the image of God, loved by God, and therefore worthy of dignity and respect.

Who Will Go?

The story from Isaiah 6. A revelation of who God is will make us respond in wonder and awe, a realisation of our need for mercy, and a commissioning to go.