The Divine Authority We Carry

Let’s be honest, living for, and like Jesus is not easy at times. We can feel insecure and ill-equipped for the task, but that’s often because we more easily default to looking in the mirror at what we’re not, rather than looking at the Messiah (Christ) at who He is, and what He is able to do.

Last Sunday, at our Zeo Celebration, I shared a message about the divine authority and power we carry.  Here’s a quick recap of some of the key points. Why not take some time to chew these over and work out some next steps?

Discovering your divine authority and power
Your authority comes from the breathtaking truth that you are a beloved child of God, adopted into God’s family, with the same rights and privileges that Jesus enjoyed, and the same responsibilities and powers that Jesus employed. You’re not a second-class citizen in God’s family and Kingdom. Father God loves you as much as He loves Jesus, and everything available to Jesus is available to you. This means there is a power and authority from Heaven for you for peace, strength, wisdom, courage, endurance, guidance, forgiveness, healing, miracles, making disciples, forgiveness, restoration etc – basically the whole of life!!!

Destroying the blockages to that authority and power
Whilst there were no blockages for Jesus in exercising this divine authority and power, in our human fragility we can all wrestle with the following:

  • scepticism (we find it hard to believe that we are God’s beloved child),
  • sin (we choose to do life in our own power and authority and reject God),
  • struggles (we’re just weary by life’s hardships and it’s hard to connect),
  • safety (we don’t take risks that demand God do the impossible).

Developing the divine authority and power in your life 
We’re invited to make some intentional, daily choices to see more of this divine authority and power released in our lives…

  • believe it – tell yourself every day, out loud, I am a beloved child of God. Let your declaration move this truth from your head to your heart.
  • pray it – commit to keep growing in your daily moments with God, seeing these as intentional connection moments with His divine authority and power (let God charge you like you would charge your mobile phone!)
  • confess it – admit the sin of trying to do life in your own power and authority, and receive God’s forgiveness and a new start.
  • exercise it – Take a risk. Put yourself in the place of the impossible to see what God will do. Pray for a friend. Tell someone about Jesus. 

For the full message, check out our podcasts and the YouTube channel.

Father God, We LONG to see more of your authority and power released in our lives.
Holy Spirit we need you. Remove all blockages, and create an open Heaven over our minds, heart and soul. Help us to be bold and courageous. Increase our expectancy of what you can do.  May we be amazed, and you be glorified Jesus.


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