The Glorious Inconvenience

I recently concluded a three-part message series exploring the invitation from the Bible to choose three glorious inconveniences.

It’s incredible to think that we are all created and chosen by God, as His beloved sons and daughters, to be priests in a world that is disconnected from Jesus – serving Him and serving people. Reconnecting earth to Heaven.

We cannot do this in our own strength, which is why we choose the glorious inconvenience of getting away with God – to spend time in His presence, to receive His love and power and wisdom for the day. And we don’t know where all the needs are, which is why we choose the glorious inconvenience of going along with God – so we’re prepared to be disrupted at any moment as Jesus places a need across our path.

And because of this, we’ll embrace the highest and most sacred, but costly, of callings – to become a channel of the love and power of God to the world around us. The glorious inconvenience of giving our lives to people. Seeing people as Christ sees them, feeling what He feels for them, and doing what He would do for them. This is our priestly role.

Do listen to the whole message on our podcasts or YouTube channel.

So what does that look like for you? With the Holy Spirit helping you, how can you help carry others within Zeo – click HERE for some suggestions. And who might Jesus be nudging you to support in your world? 

My prayer for us all is that we’ll grow in our willingness to be inconvenienced by the plans and purposes of Heaven, and as we do so, we’ll experience His glory like never before.

Massive blessings


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