The Light Shines in the Darkness

As I sit and write this email, I’ve just carved out pumpkins with my nieces and nephews, in the shapes of the cross, to put outside with candles in, to share the light of Jesus on a night where darkness is so encouraged. Growing up I didn’t really feel like I missed out on anything, with not joining in with Halloween celebrations. But it seems to have got bigger and more people seem to partake in these celebrations now.  As followers of Christ, it can be a hard night, especially if you have children and they want lots of sweets, like others. It’s also difficult, because celebrating darkness has become the norm, and a lot of people, don’t see any harm in it.

On Monday in the text, I sent out to the Church I shared one of my favourite Bible verses, John 1:5,

‘The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot overcome it’.

I learnt this verse when I was quite young at a Halloween alternative party held at church, and it has held a special place in my heart ever since.

We know that wherever there is darkness, Jesus can burn that darkness away with His light. Wherever there is evil, Jesus can overcome it. We know that Jesus cannot be defeated. Even though the battles rages on the war is won.

And yet we are not living in easy times, there is great suffering and pain. And as Christians we sometimes feel like we have to act like everything is perfect in our lives, as to promote Jesus to others. Like oh yeah well everything is going great for me because I’ve got Jesus. But that’s not always the reality. The reality might be, that you are struggling with finances, grief, relationship break down, ill health, barley holding on.  And that’s ok, it’s ok to not be ok. We don’t have to put on a false face to show others to somehow trick them into knowing the love and forgiveness of the Saviour. We just need to be real, to show that even in all this mess and my struggles, I have a hope and it is Jesus.

The verse says, ‘ The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it’, it’s a truth we can hold on to.

And when we share Jesus with others, we share that light. And how more powerful and relatable is our testimony when we share the truth. Not that everything is rosy and perfect and wonderful all the time. But that we know, there is light and that light can never be extinguished and will always shine.  

Praying you’re shining the light of Jesus wherever you are.


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