The sixth sense of unshakeable faith

Did you know you have a sixth sense, and it matters to your walk with Jesus?

Last Sunday, I launched the first of a two-part message with our theme for 2023, unshakeable. I hope this first part will encourage and inspire you as you respond to God’s invitation to build an unshakeable faith in 2023.

Now, you’ll be familiar with the idea that humans have five senses: taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch. But did you know that we genuinely have a ‘sixth sense’, which is called proprioception?

This is our ability to be aware of our body in relation to what is around us. It’s the way we move around freely without consciously thinking about it, stopping us from bumping into things. We can walk without looking at our feet. We can touch our noses with our eyes closed. You get the idea. This is our sixth sense. Proprioception.

So what does our sixth sense have to do with growing in an unshakeable faith?

Simple. It’s growing in the confident awareness – physically, spiritually, relationally and emotionally – that Jesus is truly with us.

In the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3, we see Jesus physically showing up as the fourth person in the fiery furnace. But whether Jesus appeared physically or not, He was still with them.

There’s a repeated divine promise throughout the Old and New Testaments – “Never will I leave you OR forsake you.”

My prayer for us today is that we will all grow in the awareness that God is present. That we will develop our sixth spiritual sense. Slow down. Tune in. Listen out for His still small voice. Experience the warmth of a hug from Heaven.

Whatever you’re facing this year. You are never alone. God has got you. God is with you. God will bring you through.

Let’s continue to gather together in the weeks to come. Friendship and unity, are essential to an unshakeable faith.


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