The Thing That’s Really Killing Our Souls

A few years ago I remember reading this powerful quote in a book called Messy Spirituality written by Mike Yaconelli….

 “We are living life at a dizzying speed, and God is nowhere to be found. We’re not rejecting God: we just don’t have time for him. We’ve lost him in the blurred landscape as we rush by on our way to church. We don’t struggle with the Bible, but with the clock. It’s not that we’re too decadent, we’re too busy… It’s not sinning too much that’s killing our souls, it’s our schedule that’s annihilating us. Most of us don’t come home at night staggering drunk. Instead, we come home staggering tired, worn out, exhausted and drained because we live too fast.”

How do you react to that quote? Do you think it’s true?

Last Sunday, I shared some thoughts on how God responds to our weariness and can restore our souls. Do check out this message by listening to our podcasts on any of the platforms HERE.

When we invite Jesus into our bruised and broken lives, we discover that He will gently, patiently, and slowly restore us – mind, body, and soul. Rekindling life in us again!

We were reminded that the invitation from Heaven is simple, practical and powerful – we need rhythms, habits and practices of resting, feasting, and listening.

  • What might new rhythms of resting look like for you? Reduce your ‘to do’ list. Build better sleep habits. Reject the myth of ‘I have to…’ etc.
  • What might new rhythms of feasting look like for you? This is not just about better eating (although that’s important) but about pastimes, places, and people that are good for our souls.
  • What might new rhythms of listening look like for you? Making small steps to grow our time listening to God through scripture, prayer, worship, fasting etc.

Let me encourage you to take some time this week to reflect on the above questions. This is not about new year resolutions, but the slow build of habits that will fill your emotional, spiritual and physical tank, restoring your soul and bringing more life.  Why not share your thoughts with your huddle for some accountability and advice?

If these thoughts will help us fan the flicker of life into a flame, then come and join us this Sunday at Hitchin Town Hall as we look at how the flame of life can become a furnace. Be great to see you.

Massive blessings


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