Zeo Prayer Guide

Zeo Prayer Guide

Our new Zeo prayer guide “Being With God” is available now – packed with inspiration to help you connect with God every day. Pick up your copy at church, or download the pdf here.

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Encounter Nights

The highlight of each month at Zeo Church. Worship, prayer, prophetic – exciting moments where we connect with God and see what He will do.

29 Jan  |  26 Feb  |  26 Mar  |  30 Apr  |  28 May  |  25 Jun

Zeo Centre, Bedford Rd, Hitchin, SG5 1HF

New Testament In A Year

Grab your copy of the bible-in-a-year (available for just £5 at church), and read along with us all. We’ll read the New Testament in the year, which will take just a couple of minutes each day.

Don’t worry if you’ve not started on 1st January – you can start any day, just find the reading for that day and keep going from there. The key is to build a regular habit of connecting with God in the Bible each day.

And if you want to read more, of course you can do that too!


We’re not supposed to follow Jesus by ourselves! We get to do this with friends.

So once a month, talk to 2-3 friends and encourage each other by reflecting on these two questions:

  • What is Jesus saying to me?
  • What am I doing about it?

These friends will support and encourage you, pray for you, and keep you accountable for embracing the transformation that Jesus wants to bring – and, of course, you’ll do the same for them.