Change your default setting

Just like our mobiles have default settings, so we tend to lean into default settings in terms of how we live our lives.Our biggest default setting is to lean into self-reliance rather than being dependent on God.

Last Sunday, I shared the second part of my ‘Glorious Inconvenience’ message as we looked at what it means to live a life that is fully and completely rooted in Jesus.

In part 1, we looked at the glorious inconvenience of getting away with God highlighting the importance of going out of our way to build daily, weekly, and monthly spiritual habits and practices that draw us close to Christ.

On Sunday 4th June, in part 2 we looked at the glorious inconvenience of going along with God. Moses, in Exodus 33, is our example in this as he models to us what this life looks like…

  • Rooted in dependence – This is a daily posture that starts your day in full surrender, “I can’t do ANYTHING without you God. Unless you help me today, I can’t do it!”
  • Revealed in distinctiveness – It will become obvious that we’re carrying His presence, as God’s loving goodness and generosity flows through us everywhere we go.
  • Readiness for disruption – we should expect Heaven’s priorities to hijack our priorities, ready to join in with what God is doing to bring Heaven to earth.

So, what would happen if you shifted your default settings from self-reliance to divine dependence, distinctiveness, and disruption?

I promise you this – even though it will be inconvenient and challenging at times – you’ll discover the adventure you were created for. I’m praying you will.

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Massive blessings!


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