We’ll never forget the big parachute moment!

What happens when a massive parachute is opened up at a Zeo Celebration and then carried by a bunch of people, over the heads of the congregation, from the front to the back?

Watch from last Sunday to see for yourself!

It was a fun, memorable, and powerful moment, as Amy reminded us of what happens when we all play our part in carrying what God is calling us to do as a Zeo family.

In Numbers 11:10-17, Moses is having an almighty moan at The Almighty. The responsibility of ‘carrying’ the Israelites from their Egyptian slavery to the Promised Land has become too much for him. The mission is big enough, but their relentless moaning is sending him over the edge! In the end, he cries out…

“I can’t carry all these people by myself! The load is far too heavy!”

And God Almighty responds by reminding Moses that he was never supposed to carry the load by himself. But to share that load with others so they can carry it together.

It was true then, and it’s true today!

We have the privilege, and responsibility, to carry the work of God together.

When everyone cares, everyone gets cared for.
When everyone loves, everyone feels loved.
When everyone serves, everyone is served.
When everyone gives, every need is met.

As we continue to journey into this new adventure, let’s keep doing it together – all doing our little bit with the time and energy we have.

Remember to find out ways to carry your corner.


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