What are you known for?

When people speak about you, what kind of things do they say?

This was the challenge of last Sunday’s message from Philippians “Be Luminous” as we gathered in Church At Home.

In Philippians 1:27 – 2:16, the Apostle Paul challenges us to be people who bring God’s light to the world, not greater darkness.

With God helping us, Paul encourages us to be known for being loving, united, unselfish, humble, other-centered, supportive, serving, and faithful.

He warns us against being known as those who complain or are argumentative.
We don’t see this behaviour in Jesus, and He is our perfect example to follow.
Even in the worst moments of His life on the cross.
Even then!
He is kind, forgiving, and loving – even to those who are joyfully watching his demise.

The Church At Home group I was part of on Sunday found this very challenging!
How does it land with you?

We were all challenged to ask God to show us how to serve and love others, even when we might be struggling ourselves (like Jesus does on the cross) AND to refuse to lean into unproductive complaining and arguing which casts a shadowy atmosphere, rather than light-filled hope and encouragement.

May the Holy Spirit continue to change us to make us more like Jesus, and let’s be cheering and praying for each other to be light in whatever darkness we may face right now.


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