Growing the next generation in the way of the Lord.

What a term! This term we’ve been looking at Brave Men in the Bible. We have had such a great time looking at key characters in the Bible such as Joshua and Daniel. Bring your kids in, for a fun and awesome time of learning and growing in God’s word.

Zeo Center

Bedford Road

Zeo Kids

At Zeo Kids, we aim to encourage kids as they grow in Him, through fast paced sessions that include worship, games, craft and learning activities. Join Zeo Kids every first and third Sunday of the month for a time of fun, laughter and learning about God. Drop your children at the Zeo Centre before the service at 10:15am.


If your child/ren are between 2 and half years old and 4 years old, then the Champions is the place for them! A time of singing, discovering exemplary bible characters or themes for the session through play and storytelling.

Zeo Tots are also welcome to join our Zeo Kids at the Zeo Centre from 2 and half years old. We’re happy for you to use the Town Hall balcony zone or the Zeo Centre where they’ll team up with other kids. Whichever option works best for your family.

Heroes & Legends

Heroes and Legends is our Sunday Session for those who are 4-11 years old (school years Reception to Year 6). We are passionate about finding out more about Jesus and learning about Him through worship moments, prayer, games, crafts and activities.

Zeo Youth

Once a month we run a session for our Youth that are aged between 10 and 18. We divide into two groups on the first Sunday of each month – Apprentice and Legacy.

Apprentice is for teens aged between 10 -14. We start off in the main service by worshipping together and then we meet upstairs in the Lucas Room in Hitchin Town Hall.

Legacy is for teens between 14 and 18 years old. After worship, they meet in the foyer of the town hall and then walk across to the Zeo Centre for their session.

Apprentice & Legacy Fridays

Friday is Youth night!! At both groups, there is a time of hanging out and then we have a discussion on key topics that are relevant to young people at this time.
Apprentice Fridays – 6:30-8pm
Legacy Fridays – 7:45-9:15pm

Please contact Steph on to find out more about dates that these sessions are on.

What's Coming Up?

Friday Night Youth (7PM – 9:15PM)

May – 3rd & 17th

June – 7th & 21st

July – 5th & 19th

July – 5th & 19th* (End of term session)*

Apprentice and Legacy Youth Sundays

Sunday – 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July

Satellites 2nd – 7th August

Click HERE to learn more. Interested in going? Please contact Steph to book up and for more info.

Find Us

We are keen to contribute to the spiritual and mental growth of these young ones. The map brings you to Zeo Centre where you’ll find an amazing and friendly team, ready to make greet you as soon as you arrive, and make your wards feel extremely welcomed.